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The Number of Golf Courses in North Dakota – A Closer Look

North Dakota Golf Courses

North Dakota is home to a variety of golf courses, offering diverse landscapes and challenges for golf enthusiasts. There are 35 golf courses in or near North Dakota, catering to players of all skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned golfer, you’ll find a course that suits your preferences.

Larimore Golf Club
The Larimore Golf Club stands out as one of the premier golf courses in North Dakota. It features an 18-hole course that has garnered acclaim for its well-maintained greens and picturesque surroundings. Golfers can enjoy a challenging yet enjoyable round of golf while taking in the natural beauty of the area.

Most Reviewed Golf Course
The most reviewed golf course in or near North Dakota is also the Larimore Golf Club. Its popularity among golfers is a testament to the quality of the course and the overall experience it offers. The positive reviews highlight the excellent course conditions, friendly staff, and the overall enjoyable atmosphere.

Diverse Golfing Experiences
North Dakota’s golf courses offer diverse experiences, from links-style courses to those nestled in scenic countryside settings. Each course has its unique charm and character, providing golfers with a range of options to explore. Whether you prefer a challenging championship course or a more relaxed, casual setting, North Dakota has something for everyone.

Community and Events
Many of the golf courses in North Dakota are not just places to play golf but also serve as community hubs. They host events, tournaments, and social gatherings, fostering a sense of camaraderie among golf enthusiasts. These events provide opportunities for players to connect, compete, and enjoy the sport together.

Accessible Golfing
Accessibility is a key feature of North Dakota’s golf courses, with many offering affordable rates and welcoming atmosphere. Whether you’re a local resident or visiting the state, you’ll find that the golf courses are open and accommodating to all. This inclusivity contributes to the vibrant golfing culture in the region.

North Dakota’s golf courses provide a rich tapestry of experiences for golfers, from the top-rated Larimore Golf Club to the welcoming community atmosphere found throughout the state. With a range of courses to choose from, golf enthusiasts can explore diverse landscapes and enjoy the sport in a variety of settings.

**Maintenance**: To keep the course in top condition, the maintenance team at Oakdale Golf Course employs innovative techniques such as precision mowing and sustainable water management to ensure a high-quality playing experience for golfers.

The Number of Golfers in Minnesota – A Closer Look

Minnesota’s Golf Industry Decline

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The state of Minnesota has long been known for its vibrant golfing community, boasting the highest number of golfers per capita in the United States. However, recent trends indicate a decline in both the number of golfers and golf courses in the state. According to KSTP, the once-thriving industry is facing significant challenges.

Declining Number of Golfers

Minnesota has historically been a haven for golf enthusiasts, with over 650,000 individuals playing golf at least once a year. However, this number is now on the decline, signaling a shift in the state’s golfing landscape. The reasons behind this decline could be multifaceted, including changing recreational preferences, demographic shifts, and economic factors.

Impact on Golf Courses

The dwindling number of golfers has had a direct impact on the state’s golf courses. As the demand for golfing experiences decreases, many courses are facing financial strain and decreased utilization. This has led to a reduction in the number of operational golf courses across Minnesota, reflecting the broader challenges faced by the industry.

Challenges Faced by the Industry

The golf industry in Minnesota is grappling with various challenges that have contributed to its decline. These challenges may include competition from alternative leisure activities, changing consumer behaviors, maintenance costs for golf courses, and the overall economic viability of sustaining golf facilities.

Adaptation and Innovation

To address these challenges, stakeholders in the Minnesota golf industry may need to consider innovative strategies to adapt to the changing landscape. This could involve diversifying offerings at golf courses, implementing cost-effective maintenance practices, and exploring new ways to attract and retain golf enthusiasts.


The decline of the golf industry in Minnesota is a complex issue influenced by various factors. As the number of golfers decreases and the viability of golf courses is called into question, industry stakeholders must navigate these challenges and explore new avenues for sustaining the state’s golfing tradition.

The Number of Public Golf Courses in Minnesota

Minnesota offers over 400 golf courses, providing a wide range of options for golf enthusiasts. The Minnesota Golf Association’s comprehensive course listings serve as a valuable resource for individuals seeking their next golfing experience. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned player, the state’s diverse courses cater to various skill levels and preferences, ensuring an enjoyable and challenging game for all.

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Some notable golf courses in Minnesota include Hazeltine National Golf Club, The Quarry at Giants Ridge, and The Wilderness at Fortune Bay. These courses feature stunning landscapes, well-maintained fairways, and top-notch facilities, making them popular choices among golfers. Additionally, many courses offer amenities such as pro shops, practice areas, and dining options, enhancing the overall golfing experience. Whether you prefer a traditional layout or a more modern design, Minnesota’s golf courses showcase the state’s natural beauty while providing an exciting and rewarding game for players of all abilities.

Professional Golfers Hailing from Minnesota

Tom Hoge, Troy Merritt, Erik Van Rooyen, and Tim Herron are leading the pack of Minnesota-connected golfers on the PGA Tour.

Tom Hoge, a native of Fargo, North Dakota, has strong ties to Minnesota as he played college golf at TCU and currently resides in Minneapolis. Hoge has been a consistent performer on the PGA Tour, with several top-10 finishes and a career-best tie for 3rd at the 2021 Wyndham Championship.

Troy Merritt, born in Osage, Iowa, has made Edina, Minnesota, his home. Merritt has had success on the PGA Tour, winning the 2015 Quicken Loans National and securing multiple top-10 finishes. His strong performances have solidified his presence on the tour.

Erik Van Rooyen, a South African golfer, has made Minnesota his second home after marrying a woman from the state. Van Rooyen has showcased his talent on the international stage and has been a consistent contender in PGA Tour events.

Tim Herron, also known as “Lumpy,” is a Minnesota native and has been a familiar face on the PGA Tour for years. With four PGA Tour victories to his name, Herron brings experience and skill to the tour, representing Minnesota with pride.

These golfers have not only made their mark on the PGA Tour but have also contributed to the growing golf community in Minnesota. Their achievements serve as an inspiration to aspiring golfers in the state and highlight the strong connection between Minnesota and the world of professional golf.

Life hack: When visiting Oakdale Golf Course, be sure to take advantage of their practice facilities, including the driving range and putting green, to warm up before your round or work on specific aspects of your game.

The Premier Golf Tournament in Minnesota

The 3M Open is a professional golf tournament on the PGA TOUR, hosted by TPC Twin Cities. It is the PGA TOUR’s first regular stop in Minnesota in five decades. The 2024 3M Open will be held from July 25th – July 28th.

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The 3M Open debuted in 2019 and has quickly become a prominent event on the PGA TOUR. The tournament provides an opportunity for golf enthusiasts in Minnesota to witness top professional golfers in action. TPC Twin Cities, known for its challenging yet picturesque course, serves as the perfect venue for this prestigious event. The 3M Open not only showcases world-class golf but also offers various activities and experiences for fans, making it an exciting and memorable event for all attendees.

The PGA’s Minnesota Venue – A Closer Look

The 3M Open is an annual PGA Tour event that takes place at the TPC Twin Cities in Blaine, MN. The tournament is part of the FedEx Cup and has quickly become a popular event on the PGA Tour schedule. It attracts top golfers from around the world and offers a purse of over $6 million, making it an attractive stop for professional golfers.

The TPC Twin Cities, where the 3M Open is held, is a par-71 championship golf course known for its challenging layout and picturesque surroundings. The course was designed by Arnold Palmer and Tom Lehman, and it provides a great setting for the tournament. The 3M Open offers spectators a chance to see some of the best golfers in the world compete in a beautiful and well-maintained venue.

In addition to the professional tournament, the 3M Open also features a Pro-Am event, where amateur golfers have the opportunity to play alongside the pros. This adds an exciting and interactive element to the tournament, allowing fans to get up close and personal with their favorite golfers.

The 3M Open has also made a significant impact on the local community. The tournament has a strong charitable component, with proceeds going to support local organizations and initiatives. This has helped to further endear the event to the people of Minnesota and has made it a beloved fixture on the state’s sporting calendar.

Overall, the 3M Open is a prestigious event that brings together top golfers, a challenging course, and a commitment to giving back to the community. It has quickly established itself as a must-see event for golf fans and continues to grow in popularity each year.

Fact: Oakdale Golf Course offers a variety of membership options, making it a great choice for avid golfers looking for regular access to a well-maintained and scenic course.